Critic from Vicky Beckwith Bowland

Pleased to say that Cathy Verreault was a neighbor who became a friend to me.  Her book pictured here is a must read if you enjoy a good war time love story!  Well written with pictures and references true to life war episodes.  I especially enjoyed how Cathy wrote her novel with a grandmother telling the story to her grandson who has questions for her to answer.  It's a page turner right to the end.  Well done Cathy.  Thank you for this awesome book!

Critique de Nancy Sirois-Walsh

Allo Cathy, j'ai adoré l'histoire.  Très bien écri.  Les descriptions des divers éléments sont très explicites... facile à

 comprendre, pas trop lours.  J'aime bienl es petites rélextions entre la grand-mère et son petit-fils. le photos, les lettes... bref, tout est à on goût... J'attends avec impatience le tome 2... Bravo!